September 21, 2016

Maternity Photos

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Dress #1: SewTrendyAccessories ℅ | Dress #2: SewTrendyAccessories ℅

Photo: Snapshots by Ailee Petrovic

I am so excited to share my maternity photos today! Sometimes I still can’t believe this little belly is mine, it makes my heart so full. I always knew I wanted maternity photos and I will treasure these forever. Working with Snapshots by Ailee Petrovich is always a dream, she’s the sweetest and always captures exactly what I’m looking for. These were taken in Brazos Bend State Park and it was H.O.T. My goodness, bless Ailee and Philip for powering through it with me 😉

These photos are so special and mean so much to us! I’m so glad we captured this moment, especially since I’m in the last few weeks of  my pregnancy. Cannot believe this bump is only here for a few more weeks and soon enough we will have our sweet baby girl with us! Speaking of which, I’m 37 weeks tomorrow [say what?!] and there will by a Bumpdate on the blog, so head back tomorrow to see how the home stretch and going 🙂

As always, thank y’all for all your love and support, love sharing this journey with you!



Name: Gentry

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! You are such a pretty mamma to be and it’s obvious your girl is already SO loved!

Name: Sarah K

OMG! How perfect are these photos?! I hope I look half as good at 37 weeks when that times comes lol. You’re glowing lovely!

Name: sarah lindner

such a stunning photo shoot! I am in LOVE with the first gown and the pictures! Just stunning 🙂
Sarah Lindner


Like I said, this makes me want to be pregnant (something I never thought I would say)!!! You are so STUNNING and still tinier than I am!!

Jenna from

Name: Amanda

You are absolutely gorgeous Kate! These turned out to well!

Amanda ||

Name: Cristin

Stunning!!! You look so great!!!

Cristin from

Name: Lauren

You look SO GORGEOUS!! I just love that pretty dress you wore!

Fizz and Frosting

Name: Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels

They turned out so so good!!


Love this whole shoot – you look absolutely stunning!!!
XO Amanda |

Name: Ev

Wow! Amazing photos!

Name: Mary-Katherine

I can honestly say you’ve never looked prettier Kate! You are absolutely glowing and dang you look good!!!

These pictures are truly beautiful and I am so glad you guys were able to capture such a special time!


STUNNING. You are pregnancy GOALS girl.



You are so GORGEOUS! I love both of the dresses you picked, but especially the lace one!

Engineering In Style

Name: Kilian Rafey

So beautiful! I’m 29 weeks pregnant and love the second dress! I’m going to buy it. What color is it exactly?

    Name: Kate Blue

    Aw CONGRATS! It’s in the shade ‘wine’


So I’m pretty sure this is the MOST stunning maternity shoot I’ve ever seen in my life. You look so gorgeous and happy!

Name: Mariam

These are such beautiful photos!

xo Mariam

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