February 17, 2017

Motherhood: 4 Months

Bloomers: beckaloo ℅ | Bodysuit: Carters | Bow: The Classic Bow ℅ | Socks: Trumpette

Happiest 4 months, Harper Rae! How much of a broken record would I sound like if I said, “I cannot believe my baby is 4 months old!”?! I’m eye-rolling at my self, but it’s totally the truth! I swear it was yesterday that I was having her and then I blinked and here we are…she’s laughing, “talking”, rolling over, and she looks more and more like her Dad every single day. We have her 4 month appointment on Monday and I can’t wait to hear how much she’s grown! I’m also hoping our pediatrician tells us it’s time to start her on rice cereal/certain solids with her formula!

Last week, we were supposed to head to NYC for 4 days and my parent’s were going to watch Harper. We had a few shows and meetings set up in the city. We saw there was a massive winter storm headed to New York, so we actually changed our flight to Wednesday night to try to get in a day early, before it got really bad. We get to the airport, only to find out all flights were cancelled. This was Wednesday night and we wouldn’t have been able to get on a flight until Friday night or Saturday. At that point, there really would have been no point in us going. We were so upset! More than anything, we had been looking forward to this trip as a little getaway before Philip’s work schedule really picked up [he’s actually in Norway right now]. While driving back home from the airport, Philip suggested we still make a weekend of it and head to Austin. I was so hesitant at first…but our dogs were boarded and Harper was already all set at my parents’ house, so we decided to go for it! I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t help but feel so guilty for leaving Harps. I think I called my mom 10+ times a day and every time she sent us a photo or video…I cried. Yes, cried. We missed her so much and were beyond ready to be home to her once Sunday rolled around. All of that being said, I realized that going on a little trip with my husband didn’t make me any less of a good mom. We had an amazing time together [and we talked about Harper probably 95% of the trip, haha!] and we came back to Houston feeling so refreshed! And if anything, being away from her made me realize my love for her even more…if that’s even possible. And we’ve both 10000% agreed that our next trip together, no matter how big or small, we’ll have baby Harper right there with us.

This month’s highs:

  • Little missy is smiling and laughing like crazy! There is absolutely no better feeling or better sound than a little baby laugh. You should see us…we are total dorks and make COMPLETE fools of ourselves to get a laugh out of this little one, but it’s totally worth it. We’ve discovered she’s super ticklish under her chin, it’s the cutest thing! She smiles non-stop, from the time she wakes up in the morning. I’ll hear her “talking” and gurgling on her monitor, so I’ll head upstairs to her room. I flip on the light switch and say “Harper! Good morning!” and by the time I make it over to her crib, she’s looking in my direction with THE biggest smile on her face! Sounds silly, but I look forward to that each morning!
  • In last month’s update post, I mentioned how Harper absolutely hated tummy time. I’m talking, I wouldn’t even completely have her on her tummy on her mat and she would lose it. Fast forward a few weeks and it’s her new favorite thing. Her head and neck have gotten so strong and she can be on her tummy for the longest time, just holding her head up, grabbing at toys, and looking around. Everyone I talked to just told me to stick with it and she’d eventually come around, and that was definitely the case.
  • She’s rolling over on her own now! She’s got tummy to back totally down. She doesn’t do it EVERY time she’s on her tummy, but most of the time. And she likes doing it multiple times in a row, she’s so pleased with herself, its hilarious. Of course, when she does it, Philip and I are cheering her on like crazy and clapping, which she thinks is the funniest thing. She has rolled a few times from back to tummy as well! She gets all the way on her side, but sometimes doesn’t quite have enough momentum to get totally over, however we’re getting there.
  • We’ve perfected her schedule even more and we feel like we are in a really great place with that! Previously, we didn’t have a super set ‘nap schedule’ throughout the day. But as she’s growing, we definitely get to points in the day where she needs that little 20-30 minute nap and we’ve recognized that. More on that below.
  • She grabs onto absolutely everything! She loves holding and playing with stuffed animals or toys. Whenever I have her in her chair or she’s in my lap, I always have a little toy for her, because she loves just holding onto things! It’s so funny to watch her…she will follow our movements when we are holding one of her toys and reach out to grab it. The little toys that have the crackle paper in them are her favorites! She loves these.

This month’s lows:

  • There really isn’t much to complain about! Knock on wood! Of course she has her fussy moments, but Philip and I thank our lucky stars all the time that we were blessed with such an easy, happy little girl! People always talk about the ‘3 month and 4 month sleep regression’ [insert wide eye emoji] and I’m hoping that skips over us, haha! She sleeps SO well right now and we’re hoping that continues.

Her schedule:

I kind of hesitate each month about putting this portion in my update posts because it varies so much with each baby and family! But, I always get a lot of questions on social and snapchat about Harper’s schedule, so I like to share. Keep in mind, this is just what works for us! I’m no expert and we are learning as go and hoping for the best, ha! So, she’s been sleeping 11-12 hours each night for a little over 2 months now and she’s been upstairs in her nursery in her crib for the last month [we made the bassinet to crib transition at 3 months].

  • 7:30am: Up for the day! She wakes up so happy and usually pretty hungry, so I change her and feed her.
  • 8:00 – 10:30am: After feeding, we start with tummy time, play on her different play mats, and play with stuffed animals or a few toys for 30-45 minutes. Close to 9, she’ll fuss a tad, which means she’s ready for her first little nap. I either take this time to run any quick little errands [she sleeps great in her carseat!], go for our walk, or get a little work done while she naps in her vibrating chair.
  • 10:30am: Feeding. Then we will go on a walk or play a little, she likes to be up for a little bit. Then down for a nap [usually about 30 minutes].
  • 1:30pm: Feeding.
  • Then this is where we’ve changed her schedule a little and made this time her designated nap time in her crib.
  • 2:00-3:30 pm: Nap in her crib. We’ve been doing this for about the past month and I really think she looks forward to this nap time, as this is her one true BIG nap of the day. At 3:30, I’ll get her up and we will play a little bit until her next feeding.
  • 4:30pm: Feeding. Then I’ll usually put her in her chair and have her in the kitchen with me while I get dinner ready!
  • 5:30-6:00pm: She’s started to really like a little 30 minute nap around this time. She was getting really fussy for a few days around this time, so we tried a quick nap in her dockatot or vibrating chair and it’s definitely what she needed.
  • 7:00-7:30pm: We bathe her and then feed her [her last feeding of the day]. We burp her, read her a book, rock her, and then she’s in her crib around 8:00!
  • 8:00pm-7:30am: She sleeps!

Currently loving:

  • Teether Necklace – Harper is definitely teething and she she’s constantly wanting to grab onto things, this necklace has been great. She always loves to grab my little delicate necklace, so this is a much better option. Plus, it’s something she can grab and put in her mouth without me freaking out about it being bad for her.
  • Car Seat Toy – She loves this! It attaches right on to the carseat and she plays with it whenever we are in the car or especially when we are out on walks. She loved it before, but now that she’s grabbing, this has been really great. The bright colors are fun for her, plus the butterfly is made of the crinkle paper, so she loves that.
  • Bouncer – Harper loves this thing! It’s actually pretty simple, just a bouncer chair [you can adjust the height] and it has a vibrate option + sounds and music. She absolutely loves being in this. It’s great for when we are cooking or eating…she can be in there with us and isn’t laying on her back, so she can watch us and look around.
  • Activity Center – We have just recently started to put her in this and it’s so fun! It has a rotating seat and a little musical foot pad, so she can step on the buttons and hear music.
  • Crinkle Teether – I mentioned earlier in the post how much she is obsessed with any toys with the ‘crinkle paper’ inside of them. My sister got her this for Christmas and she is hooked on it! No exaggeration, she can play with this for hours. Plus, the little feet and hands are actually a teether, so it’s a win-win whenever she lifts it to her mouth.
  • Playmat – we use this for tummy time and it has bright colors and different textures, which is great for babies. This was recommended to me by my good friend Preeti who has a baby boy exactly one month older than Harper, and I’m so glad she told me about it. It’s also huge [but folds up nicely] so it’s great now that Harper is starting to roll over and make moves.
  • Bows and Socks – we love both of these brands. These bows are so cute and she doesn’t mind wearing them or try to rip them off. These socks have the cutest bow detailing and one of the few brands that actually stay on her feet!
  • Swing – this is a recent purchase and its been great so far. Harper still doesn’t love the mamaRoo, but she loves the motion of the swing. This one is super light weight, so its easy to move, which I like. It has a vibrate option and also plays sounds + music.

Thank yall so much for all your sweet words, always!



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you have such a beautiful little girl kate! thank you for sharing these posts. they are so fun to read!

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Love following your story! Can you give us some insight about your post baby exercise and eating habits! You look amazing!!!!

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