April 3, 2017

Microblading – Chic Lash Boutique

[Before I jump in, I just want to say, that I know not each beauty procedure is the right fit for everyone, but microblading is something that I personally have been wanting to try for a long time to feel more comfortable with my eyebrows. After much research, I’m glad I decided to do it and I am so happy with how my brows turned out.]

Hi, friends! I hope yall had a great weekend! This past weekend, I had the opportunity to try a beauty technique that I’ve been dying to try — microblading! I partnered with Chic Lash Boutique to share the process and I’m so pleased with how they turned out! For the past year or so, I’ve put a lot of time into trying to get my brows just right every time I applied makeup. As you can see in the top photo above…my natural brows are pretty sparse and uneven…something I was always pretty self-conscious of. I had heard great things about microblading and even better things about Chic Lash Boutique here in Houston, so I was so excited to give it a try.

If you aren’t familiar with microblading, it is a semi-permanent beauty technique that helps to accentuate your natural eyebrows. Whether they are thin, uneven, very light, etc, microblading is a great option. For me, my brows have always been rather uneven and had more hair at the base, rather than at the tail, so this was my main objective to correct when explaining to Theresa what I was looking for. By the way, Theresa at the Houston location in River Oaks, is absolutely amazing! She made me feel so comfortable [because not going to lie, I was pretty nervous!], she gave her honest opinion when I asked, and explained each step which really put me at ease.

Before starting, Theresa expertly measured out my brows and drew them in, based on what I described I wanted. The measuring process is probably what took the longest amount of time, but rightfully so, because you definitely want to make sure your brows are perfect and symmetrical.

Simply put, microblading basically creates little 3D hair like strokes in the shape and definition that you like. There is also a range of colors to choose from. I went with my natural color, as I didn’t want anything too different or drastic. However, if you have very light brows, you can use a darker pigment to create a more defined look. The 3D strokes make your brows look completely natural and can be customized to the shape and thickness you prefer.

For me, I knew I wanted to focus on my arch and tail. I didn’t have too much of a natural arch and my tail was pretty short. So Theresa accentuated my arch and lengthened [also thickened] my tail to make it a little more dramatic and defined.

The whole process took about 1.5 hours and honestly wasn’t too painful at all. I went in expecting the worst, as I’m a big baby when it comes to pain. However, the pain was minimal for me and I didn’t bleed or become puffy at all. In fact, my mother and father in law came over 2 hours after I had this done and my eye area wasn’t red or irritated at all.

After the initial microblading, you go back for a touch-up in 6-8 weeks. At that time, you can make any little changes you like…for example, a little darker or a more defined arch, etc.

I am so happy with how they turned out! It was amazing waking up and already feeling 10x more put together, just by having my brows already done! If you’re in the Houston area, definitely check out Chic Lash Boutique! They have a location in River Oaks and in Highland Village. They offer a wide range of services [you can see them here], such as threading, eyelash extensions, facials, and more.

As for healing, like I said, I didn’t experience much pain or irritation, so it’s been easy so far. This is my third day since having it done and I feel completely normal. No pain or tightness. They send you home with a complete after-care guide which gives you day-by-day instructions for the first 10 days. You aren’t supposed to get the area wet for 10 days, so you have to use extra care while washing your face [a washcloth works best]. Also no sweat or sun exposure for those first 10 days. Initially, your brows will be a bit dark, but they will lighten over the course of a few days.

Today’s post is in partnership with Chic Lash Boutique. All opinions are my own.




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