May 5, 2017

Motherhood: 6 Months

Dress: Robeez ℅ | Bow: Baby Bling | Mocs: Freshly Picked ℅ | Blanket: Bebe au Lait ℅

Hi friends and Happy Friday! I know I’m a few weeks behind in posting this 6 month update post, but life happened! I’ve had so many questions asking if I’d be doing this post, so even though it’s late, I wanted to get it up! I asked on Snapchat and Instagram about any questions y’all had, so I’m answering all those below.

I really cannot believe that my sweet girl is 6 months old. I know I may be am totally biased, but Harper is seriously the happiest baby I’ve ever seen! She is laughing and smiling all day long and nothing makes us happier than seeing her little face light up! She is ‘talking’, squealing, and interested in absolutely everything. She has changed our lives in the best way possible and I honestly can’t remember life without this sweet girl.


This month’s highs:

  • Little missy is smiling and laughing non-stop! She thinks Philip is just about the funniest person to ever live and he makes her laugh like no other. She constantly has a smile on her face and loves looking in mirrors at herself and at us.
  • If I put music on, oh my goodness she goes crazy! I hold her so that her feet are on the ground and she starts moving all around! When I sing, she also loves it and starts to squeal. I always knew I had the voice of an angel…#not haha but she seems to like it!
  • She’s babbling so much! No clear words yet, though y’all better believe I try to get her to say ‘mama’ every single day! We’ll get it eventually!
  • She’s eating so many different foods now! She’s been on baby foods since 4 months, but we’ve slowly started introducing other foods, per our pediatrician’s instruction. She absolutely LOVES mashed up avocado. Like mama, like baby! We also started her on baby yogurt for her mid-morning meal and she absolutely loves it.
  • She is rolling like crazy…I turn my back for 12 seconds and she’s made it across the room. She’s also SO close to crawling. In fact, she kind of is crawling, she just can’t stay on all 4’s all the time. So she sometimes crawls like a little inch worm haha! It’s adorable and she’s getting better at it every day.
  • We’ve perfected her schedule and it’s going so well. We are finally in a groove and it’s working perfectly. Previously, we didn’t have a super set ‘nap schedule’ throughout the day, but now we do and she looks forward to that every day. More on her schedule below.
  • She grabs onto absolutely everything! She loves holding and playing with stuffed animals or toys. She always has to have something in her hand. Doesn’t matter if its one of her toys or a receipt on the table, she wants it! She’s super fascinated with glasses, coffee mugs, and cans. She starts breathing really fast and squeals whenever she sees us drinking from one, it’s absolutely hilarious.
  • We are working on the sippy cup! I think it’s a little hard for her to grasp the fact that she has to tilt her head way back to get the liquid out, but we are getting there.
  • She’s sitting in highchairs and shopping carts now! When we are at a restaurant theres about a 0% chance she will be content sitting in her carseat…she likes to be right in the middle of the action, so this cover has come in handy! Y’all always ask about it on Snap and it’s a lifesaver. It goes over a highchair and shopping carts. Plus it folds up in a super handy little carrying bag, making it super easy. There is also a clear protective slot for your phone…so while she’s in the cart, I can slip my phone in there, put on a Disney Junior video, and she’s happy as ever!
  • Harper absolutely LOVES bath time. She’s always loved it, but now that she’s so much more active, she loves playing with her bath toys and splashing around! On that same note, she always loves the pool. Little water baby!

This month’s lows:

  • Honestly, not a single one! She’s back to napping, sleeping great, learning every day, and just generally such a happy baby.

Questions from y’all:

  • Are you still breastfeeding?
    • I’m not. I stopped that awhile ago. I had a really hard time with it because I was in the hospital for so long after her birth. And then I was on antibiotics for so long, so I wasn’t able to give her my milk for almost 2 months. She was on formula during that time and doing so amazing, so we decided to continue that and it’s been great.
  • Did you have to do sleep training?
    • We did! We read Baby Wise and we were pretty regimented in following that to develop a really great schedule that worked for Harper and for us. I know sleep training doesn’t work for every family, but I always get asked how we got Harper on her schedule, so that’s what worked for us.
  • Does Harper still sleep in your room?
    • No, she doesn’t. We had her in the bassinet in our room until she was 3 months old. Then she began sleeping upstairs in the crib in her nursery.
  • Does she still wake up at night to eat?
    • No! She’s always been an amazing sleeper…she was sleeping 10-12 hours from about a month and a half. And since she was a good weight, our pediatrician told us never to wake a sleeping baby, ha! So no, she sleeps through the night.
  • Do you have a nanny who watches Harper while you blog?
    • We don’t have a nanny. I am home with her all day and usually work on my blog while she takes her afternoon nap! I also get work done in the evening once Philip is home from work and spending some time with Harps.
  • How did you lose the baby weight? Do you do any special work outs?
    • After I had Harper, because I was sick and in the hospital, I lost a good amount pretty quickly. As soon as I was home and cleared to workout after my C-section, I got right back into walking, which I’ve always done. I usually do about 2-2.5 miles a day and I really think that helps to keep in shape! Occasionally I will do some light weights at home to work out my arms and do lunges as well.
  • Does she have any teeth yet?
    • Still not cutting through yet! Her bottom gum is so white and really rigid this past week, so I’m thinking pretty soon her! Drools like crazy, if we are at home playing, I usually keep a bib on her because it makes a real mess!
  • What wrap do you always wear her in?
    • I use the Solly Baby Wrap and it’s the best. It’s not bulky at all, which I love. When she was a newborn, she would curl up nicely into it, but now that she’s bigger, I wrap her with her legs out. It’s great because I can have my hands free, but she still feels close to me.

Her schedule:

I kind of hesitate each month about putting this portion in my update posts because it varies so much with each baby and family! But, I always get a lot of questions on social and snapchat about Harper’s schedule, so I like to share. Keep in mind, this is just what works for us! I’m no expert and we are learning as go and hoping for the best, ha! So, she’s been sleeping 11-12 hours each night for months now. Girlfriend absolutely LOVES her sleep. There are days when I actually have to wake her up in the morning…like “HI! Are you ready to start the day?!”

  • 7:30am: Up for the day! She wakes up so so happy [never crying, thank goodness!] and usually pretty hungry, so I change her and feed her rice cereal + a small bottle.
  • 8:00 – 10:30am: After feeding, we do playtime for about an hour. She loves being on her mat and playing with all of her toys. Close to 9, she’ll fuss a tad, which means she’s ready for her first little nap. I either take this time to run any quick little errands [she sleeps great in her carseat!], go for our walk, or she’ll nap upstairs in her crib for about an  hour.
  • 10:30am: Feeding. We used to do a bottle at this time, but have recently switched to a baby yogurt and she absolutely loves it! Strawberry and banana are her two faves and keeps her adequately full. Then we will go on a walk or play a little, she likes to be up for a little bit. Then down for a quick nap [usually about 30 minutes max here].
  • 1:30pm: Feeding [bottle].
  • 2:00-3:30 pm [sometimes 4:00]: Nap in her crib. This is her one true BIG nap of the day and the past month or so, she has been loving it. I put her down and she’s asleep within seconds, zero fuss!
  • 4:30pm: Feeding. [baby food].  Then I’ll usually put her in her chair and have her in the kitchen with me while I get dinner ready!
  • 5:30-6:00pm: She usually takes about a 30 minute nap around this time. I don’t let her nap too too long during this time, because we like to put her down for the night by 8:00.
  • 7:00-8:00pm: We bathe her and then feed her [a bottle…her last feeding of the day]. We burp her, read her a book, rock her, and then she’s in her crib by 8:00!
  • 8:00pm-7:30am: She sleeps!

Currently loving:

  • Noodle & Boo – we use this shampoo, body wash, and lotion and oh my goodness…smells absolutely amazing! Also makes her hair and her skin so so soft. We love the scent so much, we actually picked up the room spray, which makes her nursery smell heavenly.
  • Playmat – I get questions on this all the time on snapchat…we use this for play time and it has bright colors and different textures, which is great for babies. It’s also huge [but folds up nicely] so it’s great now that Harper is on the move.
  • Bows – Y’all always ask about her bows and we love these by Baby Bling. So many colors and patterns, plus they’re nice and stretchy so they don’t bother her head.
  • Blanket – there is no softer blanket ever made. It’s so comfy and Harper loves textures right now, so she loves being on this and being able to hold it.
  • Stroller – We were sent this stroller to try and we actually really REALLY love it. We love our uppaBABY, but this one by Nuna has been great.
  • Activity Center – She still loves being in this activity center. She loves being able to turn around and loves playing with all the little toys. It’s been great to keep her occupied.
  • Move and Crawl Ball – this has been great! My sister is a speech pathologist and uses this with her baby patients…it talks, sings, rolls on its own, makes fun sounds, etc. So when she’s on her tummy and this thing starts rolling and moving, she loves to crawl and wiggle after it.
  • Stacking Rings – she loves these! They are plush and crinkly, so she loves grabbing onto them.
  • Diaper Clutch – this is perfect for throwing in my purse! It holds extra diapers and wipes and I can even fold up an extra onesie. I love to grab this when I’m running on a quick errand and know I don’t need her bottles and full diaper bag. This is so easy to just throw in my purse and go. I have the swan print but comes in so many fun prints and patterns.
  • High Chair Cover – I get so many questions about this little gem on Snapchat everytime there is a snap with her in it! It’s amazing. It goes over high chairs in restaurants and also doubles as a shopping cart cover.

Thank yall so much for following along, always!



Name: Danielle

Thanks for sharing! I’ve asked you questions a few times on snapchat, so it was great to have the products you talked about linked! (I asked about the Baby Wise book and the baby bows!) I love my handsome boy, but having a sweet little girl is so much fun!! 🙂 Our daughter is 6 weeks!

Name: Kelly

Six months already? Wow! So glad to hear she is such a good baby!

xx Kelly
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