August 18, 2017

Motherhood: 10 Months

My Top: Leith | My Sunglasses: Karen Walker | My Necklace: Gorjana | Harper’s Dress: Baby Gap | Harper’s Bow: Baby Bling

Happy Friday babes! We are currently in VEGAS celebrating my husband’s 30th birthday! Our sweet little girl turned 10 months old yesterday and we can’t even begin to describe how fast this first year of her life is going. It’s insane, I feel like just yesterday I was pregnant with her and now she’s 19 pounds and all over the place! We basically have her entire first birthday planned and we are so excited for it. Just saying the words ‘first birthday’ sounds crazy. We love this sweet girl so much and she has changed our lives in the very best way possible. I love spending all my days with her and there is nothing I love more than being her mama. I am constantly getting questions from y’all about her favorite products, her outfits, her current schedule, so I’ll touch on all that below —


  • Harper is 1000% on the move! She’s faster than ever with crawling, but this past month she’s also learned to stand on her own! She can stand about 10-15 seconds on her own without holding onto us or any objects. Then she’ll realize she’s standing and she will gently sit herself down, it’s the funniest thing!
  • She is walking while holding onto furniture and loves walking with her little walker [I’ll link below in the product section]!
  • She absolutely loves her Little Gym class. I totally attribute this class to her strength and development over the past 2 months. We go twice a week and do so many fun activities there that she loves. Plus, she gets to interact with other babes and I get to be with other mamas.
  • She loves music and has started to ‘dance’. Basically when she hears music, she’ll start flapping her arms like crazy and wiggling her little body.
  • She said ‘mama’! My heart nearly exploded and I definitely cried happy tears. She loves saying ‘baba’ and ‘mama’…we are working on ‘dada’ next.
  • She’s eating so many different foods now! She’s been on baby foods since 4 months, but we’ve slowly started introducing other foods, per our pediatrician’s instruction. She absolutely LOVES peanut butter and also mashed up avocado. Like mama, like baby! She also loves mashed potatoes, beans, macaroni, and soft granola bars.
  • She finally got the hang of the sippy cup!  Y’all…this was a THING. We tried about every sippy cup on the market and she just couldn’t get the hang of it. But we’ve finally found one we love [I’ll link below!] and she’s so much better about drinking from it now.
  • Harper is waving! If you say “hi!” or “bye bye!” she flaps her hand like crazy until you pay attention to her. She also kind of points at you with one finger and it’s hilarious.

This month’s lows:

  • Sweet girl got so sick this week. She has been super congested, was wheezing something crazy, and having trouble breathing. We had to put her on breathing treatments 4-5 times a day all week. It was heartbreaking, she would just scream the entire time. But all in all, they really helped.

Questions from y’all:

  • Did you have to do sleep training?
    • We did! We read Baby Wise and we were pretty regimented in following that to develop a really great schedule that worked for Harper and for us. I know sleep training doesn’t work for every family, but I always get asked how we got Harper on her schedule, so that’s what worked for us.
  • Does she still wake up at night to eat?
    • No! She’s always been an amazing sleeper…she was sleeping 10-12 hours from about a month and a half. And since she was a good weight, our pediatrician told us never to wake a sleeping baby, ha! So no, she sleeps through the night.
  • Does she sleep in your room?
    • No, she sleeps upstairs in her nursery in her crib, which she loves. She also naps in there as well.
  • How did you lose the baby weight? Do you do any special work outs?
    • After I had Harper, because I was sick and in the hospital, I lost a good amount pretty quickly. As soon as I was home and cleared to workout after my C-section, I got right back into walking, which I’ve always done. I usually do about 2-2.5 miles a day and I really think that helps to keep in shape! Occasionally I will do some light weights at home to work out my arms and do lunges as well.
  • Does she have any teeth yet?
    • Still no teeth! Philip and I joke that we are going to have a toothless child forever!
  • What solids do you feed Harper? And how often?
    • At this age, we are pretty much feeding her everything. Let me clarify…everything she doesn’t need teeth for. So if it’s soft and can be mashed with her gums, we let her try it. She has solids several times a day now…her eating schedule is slowly becoming a bit less regimented and I’m able to tell when she’s hungry, so I’ll give her a snack.

Her schedule:

I kind of hesitate each month about putting this portion in my update posts because it varies so much with each baby and family! But, I always get a lot of questions on social and snapchat about Harper’s schedule, so I like to share. Keep in mind, this is just what works for us! I’m no expert and we are learning as go and hoping for the best, ha! So, she’s been sleeping 11-12 hours each night for months now. Girlfriend absolutely LOVES her sleep. There are days when I actually have to wake her up in the morning.

  • 7:30am: Up for the day! She wakes up happy [never crying, thank goodness!] and usually pretty hungry, so I change her and feed her rice cereal + a small bottle.
  • 8:00 – 10:30am: After feeding, we do playtime for about an hour. She loves being on her mat and playing with all of her toys, crawling, and walking around in her walker. Close to 9, she’ll fuss a tad, which means she’s ready for her first little nap. I either take this time to run any quick little errands [she sleeps great in her carseat!], go for our walk, or she’ll take a quick little nap. This nap here used to be longer, but its gotten much shorter [about 30 minutes max]…if she even takes one at all.
  • 10:30am: Feeding. We used to do a bottle at this time, but now we do a baby yogurt and she absolutely loves it! I follow the yogurt up with a banana, which she LOVES. Then we will go on a walk or play a little, she likes to be up for a little bit…I typically keep her up until her big 2:00 nap.
  • 1:30pm: Feeding [bottle of formula].
  • 2:00-4:30 pm:  Nap in her crib. This is her one true BIG nap of the day.
  • 4:30pm: Feeding. [baby food, pureed fruit or vegetables].  Then I’ll usually put her in her chair and have her in the kitchen with me while I get dinner ready and she’ll snack on little puffs.
  • 5:30-6:00pm: She used to take a nap here but hasn’t done that in about 2 months. We just play and then she sits in her highchair while we eat dinner! While we are eating, we give her a mashed up avocado or potatoes.
  • 7:00-8:00pm: We bathe her and then feed her [a bottle of formula…her last feeding of the day]. We burp her, read her a book, rock her, and then she’s in her crib by 7:30 at the very latest. We used to do 8:00 as her bedtime, but she was always SO tired and could get a tad fussy, so we pushed it up to 7:30 pm which has been great.
  • 8:00pm-7:30am: She sleeps!

**So, as you can see…her schedule is still pretty similar, we have just adjusted her feedings a bit with age and also she only usually does 2 naps a day now.

Currently loving:

  • ToteSavvy – I use this in my purse…it basically transforms your purse to a diaper bag. Then if I’m headed somewhere that I don’t need the full diaper bag, I just pull it out and I have my purse back haha! It’s so handy and I love that it has everything in one place.
  • Noodle & Boo – we use this shampoo, body wash, and lotion and oh my goodness…smells absolutely amazing! Also makes her hair and her skin so so soft. We love the scent so much, we actually picked up the room spray, which makes her nursery smell heavenly.
  • Playmat – I get questions on this all the time on snapchat…we use this for play time and it has bright colors and different textures, which is great for babies. It’s also huge [but folds up nicely] so it’s great now that Harper is on the move.
  • Bows – Y’all always ask about her bows and we love these by Baby Bling. So many colors and patterns, plus they’re nice and stretchy so they don’t bother her head.
  • Little Giraffe – these blankets are the best. They are so so soft and she loves them. These make a great shower gift!
  • Sippy Cups – these are pretty much THE only ones she will drink out of right now! The handles make it easy for her to hold onto also.
  • Sit to Stand Learning Walker – we just got this a couple weeks ago and she loves it! She pulls herself up on it and is slowly learning that when she pushes her arms forward, she also has to move her legs to be able to move. Plus, even while sitting, she loves playing with the little activity center on the front.
  • Diaper Clutch – this is perfect for throwing in my purse! It holds extra diapers and wipes and I can even fold up an extra onesie. I love to grab this when I’m running on a quick errand and know I don’t need her bottles and full diaper bag. This is so easy to just throw in my purse and go. I have the swan print but comes in so many fun prints and patterns.
  • High Chair Cover – I get so many questions about this little gem on Snapchat everytime there is a snap with her in it! It’s amazing. It goes over high chairs in restaurants and also doubles as a shopping cart cover.

Thank yall so much for following along, always!




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Oh my goodness I love your mommy blog! It’s crazy how much our babes have in common! I also have a 10 month old girl and they’re like the same size! I also had to have a c section! Love following you!

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Harper is seriously so cute! Hope you guys are having a fun little getaway!
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Oh my goodness, she is getting so big and I hope you have a blast in Vegas!

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