January 24, 2018

Baby Blue #2

Photos: Snapshots by Ailee Petrovic | Hair + Makeup: Etoilly Artistry

Dress: Lulus via Nordstrom | Harper’s Dress: Popatu | Harper’s Moccasins: Robeez | Harper’s Bow: Nordstrom |

BABY balloons: Magnolia Bloom Boutique

^^ Cannot believe how big my bump is already this pregnancy! This was taken at 11 weeks and basically this is what I looked like at 22 weeks with Harper! They’re right when they say the bump “pops” so much sooner with your next baby!

First of all, Philip and I can’t thank yall enough for all of your sweet comments, direct messages, texts, etc about our pregnancy announcement on Instagram over the weekend! We are totally overwhelmed and feel so lucky to have you all following along on this journey with us. We are completely over the moon to be expecting our second little babe! Also nervous and anxious…but we know this is going to be absolutely amazing.

Being a mom is my absolute favorite thing in life, I truly feel like its what I was meant to do. I feel so lucky that I get to raise another sweet baby and watch Harper become a big sister!

I got so many DMs from yall asking tons of questions about this pregnancy, so I figured a blog post was the easiest place to jot everything down! I plan on doing frequent ‘bumpdate’ posts like I did while pregnant with Harper, so keep an eye out for those, as I try to make those as thorough as possible.

^^Harper couldn’t be more excited to be a big sister! I’m sure yall saw the video I posted on Instagram…she’s very interested in my growing tummy. She’ll lift my shirt and point, then lift her shirt and point, point to mine and try to say ‘bay-bee” and give it kisses and hugs, its the sweetest thing!

HOW FAR ALONG: 12 weeks! Baby is about the size of a plum.

DUE DATE: August 9th.

HOW WE FOUND OUT: We knew we wanted to have our babies pretty close in age, because we loved the idea of having them grow up so close and being best friends. A little after Harper’s first birthday, I had my IUD removed. With Harper, we were very fortunate that we became pregnant within just a couple of weeks and the same went for this little babe. I was feeling a little off and just not myself for several days…so one day Philip was running out to grab us lunch and I asked him to pick up a pregnancy test. He came home with food and the test and I ran to the bathroom to take the test before we ate. I stared at the test, honestly not expecting much because it was so soon after removing the IUD, so I didn’t have high hopes. I didn’t time it, but I didn’t see the line appearing so I took it in the kitchen and showed Philip  it was negative and tossed it on the counter. We ate lunch, cleaned up, and as we were both leaving the kitchen about 15 minutes later, we glanced at the counter where the test was and totally stopped in our tracks. I snatched up the test, looked at it closely, and screamed “IS THAT A SECOND PINK LINE!!!”. After double-checking, Philip said “oh thats definitely a second pink line!” Faint as it was, it was there.  Still in shock/denial, I snapped a picture and sent it to my friend Krista [who had found it she was pregnant about a week before!] and she responded: “You’re totally pregnant!!”. I was actually still in shock, so the afternoon and the next morning, I took approximately 9 more tests [I’m nuts], all different brands, just to confirm. I called my OB and made an appointment and the next day they confirmed I was pregnant! Very early, about 4.5 weeks, which is why the lines were so faint. We were over the moon! Over the next couple of days, we told our families…we got Harper a shirt that said ‘BIG SIS’ and it was hilarious to see how long it took my parents to realize what outfit she was wearing and watch them freak out! 

^^Love this shot of both  my babies so so much!

SICKNESS: It’s been rough, yall! I was nauseous with Harper, but absolutely nothing like this! It’s been so bad from about 5 weeks on. Nausea all day, every day. I’ve had to take a 2 hour nap nearly every day, sleep about 12 hours at night, and still can’t feel rested. I’ve been prescribed medicine for my extreme nausea which has helped, but unfortunately not erased it completely. My OB said around 12 weeks, this should go way down, so my fingers are crossed that I’m nearing the end of this sickness steak.

CRAVINGS: With Harper, during the first trimester, I wasn’t able to eat a ton…but with this baby, I’ve been so darn hungry. Even despite my nausea! I have to eat, or I’m miserable. As far as cravings…salads. All the cold salads. I could eat Salata every single day. Super cold fruit and yogurt. Bagels, pancakes, and waffles. And most of all, Cheeze-Its. The extra toasty flavor is the only thing I want and I can crush through a box in an alarmingly fast amount of time. [Gosh, re-reading this and I do not sound healthy at all …oops].

AVERSIONS: Not loving most meat and fish. Chicken has been okay and sometimes ground beef is okay, depending on the day. I haven’t been able to do veggies at all.

GENDER: We will be finding out February 3rd! We did the blood test last week [it takes about 2 weeks to come back] and since we are traveling, we figured we would keep the gender secret in an envelope and do a big reveal on February 3rd with our friends and family. I’m convinced we are having a sweet baby boy!

WEIGHT GAIN: 2-3 pounds so far! I don’t put too much emphasis on this really…as long as baby is healthy and I am healthy, this is honestly just a number. And as long as my OB is happy with it, I’m good with that.

PHYSICAL CHANGES: The bump first and foremost! That baby is out there! I was honestly so excited to announce on Instagram because it was getting tough to hide! The bump made its tiny appearance around 5-6 weeks which blows my mind how fast it happened this time around! It’s bigger each day and I love seeing it grow. Also, my chest has grown quite a bit. And allll the breakouts….face, chest, arms…not the best. But what can ya do.

Again, thank yall so very much for following along with us! It means the world to us! I will try to consistently do these bump date posts and they’ll become longer and more thorough as we reach more milestones in our pregnancy.



Name: Shelby

This is SO exciting! and these pics are seriously adorable. Such a beautiful fam! Congrats to y’all!!

xo, Shelby

Name: Cathy

Congrats! You’ve hardly put on any weight! I gained five pounds before I knew I was pregnant with each one. haha. Looking forward to hearing if you are having a boy or girl!


Can’t really tell from the front, but I do see the cute bump from the side. Congratulations on your second pregnancy. Happy 22 weeks!



Name: Emily W

You know I couldn’t be more thrilled for y’all! I cannot wait to see your cute little family of four & see Harper in her new role as a big sister! Make sure you get that hot Cheeto fix girl 😉 LOVE YOU

Name: Anna English

I’m so happy for you and Baby Blue #2! Your such a wonderful mama!

Name: Maggie

Ahh congrats!! This is so so exciting! So happy for you and your family! i can’t wait to see your pregnancy style 🙂

Name: Stephanie

Awwww this post was so fun to read! I’m super excited for your beautiful family. You look absolutely stunning!

Name: roxy

Such exciting news!! Thanks for the honest discussion about what you’re experiencing too, it’s very refreshing!! Congratulations and can’t wait to read more bumpdates. Harper’s laughing face is too cute, what a great photo that is!!

Name: Morgan

SO MANY CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you and your growing family!

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Name: Lauryn Hock

Congrats to you and your family! You look stunning in that dress!

Name: Natalia Loren

First of all congratulations!!!! Your announcement pics are absolutely beautiful! I’m due in Early May and I agree it’s crazy how fast you get a bump second time around. Again so so happy for your family, sending you tons of love x

Name: Jessica

So exciting! Love this shoot!
xo Jessica


Congratulations! Beautiful photos, you look so beautiful and Harper looks so excited! Can’t wait to hear more as the pregnancy goes along!

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