January 17, 2018

Tied With a Bow

Hi babes! I hope yall are staying warm! We had a snow/ice day yesterday in Houston. Literally, the entire city just about shut down. We aren’t used to this kind of winter weather, so everyone just panics in situations like this. Today is equally as cold and icy, but I’m not complaining…I love a good excuse to stay warm cozied up inside!

I shared this bow blouse on Instagram the other day and yall loved it! Several sizes had sold out, but its fully in stock again in both this gorgeous blue and the classic white. I love a good, classy blouse and this bow detailing really makes a feminine statement, which I always love. [I took an X-small in this and its a perfect fit].

Also, I get so many questions from yall on this specific pair of denim…its sold out on Nordstrom and the brand is Parker Smith. Luckily, eBay has a great selection of Parker Smith and I’ve seen this exact pair pop up a few times! This pair is very similar, just without the distressing, but they’re the same wash!

And while you’re browsing eBay, I’ve finally found my YSL bag in stock! This style has been sold out for months, but it’s available for a fraction of the price on eBay. They even have the gorgeous crossbody option as well!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!




Beautiful and chic! x


Name: Kelssey Layton

Loving that bow tie top! We are preparing for a big snow storm here in VA Beach today… Not looking forward to being stuck inside with my 1 year old! ha!

Name: Lauren Price

This is such a modern yet timeless look. Loving the bow detail!

Lauren Elyce

Name: Megan

Love this top with the bow detail. Hope your weather turns around. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

Name: roxy

Love this all blue look! I am a big fan of anything with bows, so on my wishlist your cute top goes. 🙂

Name: Maggie

I was just looking at this blouse online and now I officially need it! It is so chic!

Name: Kristina

That top is THE cutest- love that big bow!

xo, Kristina


I am loving the top, the bow is so chic! I love the color too, it looks great with the jeans and heels!


This top is so cute and I need it in my closet.

Name: Kelsey

I love that giant blow, so cute!! And that is such a gorgeous color blue! xo

Name: Stephanie

I am absolutely crazy about that blouse on you. It’s so flattering and such a unique alternative for a “button up” top. I also adore your bag. Can’t believe eBay has such good finds now. I’ll have to start using them again!

Name: LuxMommy

That is the cutest top and I love that blue color. Also, LOVE that bag! I think I need it.

Name: Hannah

Beautiful in blue:) I love the bow at the front!
xoxo, Hannah

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