January 15, 2018

Worth the Splurge

Hi sweet friends! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Winter hit Houston again [meanwhile it was 70s last week?], so it was freezing…we did a lot of lounging around, which was nice.

One of the most-asked questions I receive as a blogger is – “what handbags are worth the splurge?”. I get so many emails and DMs each week asking if a specific bag is worth it, does it hold a lot, does it resist scratches, etc…so today, I’m here to review one of my very favorite Nordstrom purchases and I’m hopeful that this will help you when saving up and making the decision to splurge on a designer piece.

First off, I don’t take my designer purchases lightly. Before clicking ‘add to cart’, I do a lot of thinking and research.

  • What bag will take me from season to season?
  • What bag will hold up around my toddler?
  • What bag make a statement?
  • What bag will hold all the necessities?
  • What bag will be versatile enough with my wardrobe?

I knew I had my eye on a Gucci bag with gold hardware and luckily Nordstrom has an incredible selection of Gucci items. [I also love their quick and easy shipping and their return policy, especially for big purchases like this!].

I also knew that I had plenty of dark bags, so I was going for a neutral. Specifically white. WHITE. Which I know, sounds terrifying. Especially with a baby! But I knew that white could be carried year round….in spring with florals, in summer with brights, in fall with neutrals, and in winter as a winter white.

I stumbled upon the holy grail of white bags – the GG Marmont 2.0 Matelasse. The second I received it, it was honestly love at first sight. The crisp gold hardware, the quilted leather, the chain detail, all of it. Plus, it truly is the perfect shade of white.

After carrying for months now, I am happy to report that it checks all the boxes in my checklist above.

  • I’ve carried it through multiple seasons and it has transitioned perfectly.
  • Even though its white and its hard to keep a bag super clean with a baby, you can’t see a single imperfection on this leather.
  • It definitely makes a statement. I can dress it up like I did here or its equally as chic with skinny jeans and heels. In fact, I’ll often keep the rest of my outfit not too busy, to really let this bag speak for itself.
  • I purchased the medium size and I’ve been quite happy with it. It holds all the necessities – wallet, makeup bag, keys, sunglasses, a snack for Harper, etc.
  • It’s extremely versatile, which was very important to me. If I’m spending big bucks on a bag, I want to get all the bang I can for my buck. I can dress it up like I did here or its equally as chic with skinny jeans and heels.

All in all, this bag has been worth the splurge. It also comes in a gorgeous rose color too which would be equally as versatile! And in the best news — my go-to Gucci crossbody is back in stock on Nordstrom! This color sells out like hot cakes every single time, but it’s finally back.

I really hope this review has been helpful for yall! These are just a few of the things I look into when searching for the perfect splurge-worthy accessory. Be sure to check out Nordstrom for your next must-have accessory!

Today’s post is in collaboration with Nordstrom + rewardStyle. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the retailers that support For the Love of Fancy.



Name: Sara

I’ve had my eye on the Gucci Marmont for months now and plan to treat myself for my birthday in July! I love the white color and agree that it’s the most perfect neutral!

xo, Sara

Name: Megan

That bag is perfect. I love the size and you are so right it can be worn all year long! xo~ Megan

Name: Jessica Crum

LOVE this look, Kate! You are absolutely stunning! XO.

Name: Liv

Love the red color against white, it really pops!



Name: Shira

This is one of my dream bags. Obsessed!

Name: Morgan Klein

I’m obsessed with the red and white combo and I loved reading this post. Thanks for sharing!


I love this look but that bag. A great bag that’s great for day to day and will go with all outfits is a must! I love purses that are great year round.

Name: Amy Michelle

I LOVE this bag! You can totally wear it in multiple seasons!


Name: Megan

That bag is giving me all the heart eyes! Gucci is such a good investment!

Megan | http://www.pipmegan.com

Name: Laura

I absolutely love this outfit on you! That red OTS sweater is the perfect pop.

xo, Laura

Name: Kileen

It is such a gorgeous bag girl, definitely worth it!!

cute & little

Name: Ada

I just love that bag but I couldn’t do white because I’d totally get it dirty haha.

Name: Margret

This look is amazing and I absolutely love this bag, I have been eyeing it too.

Name: Angelle

I have this bag on my wishlist!!!! It is perfect.



I have this bag in velvet and love it!
Xo Mindy amixofmin.com


First, this whole outfit is so perfect! Love it! And also, I’m loving that gorgeous bag!

Name: Sarah Lennon

That bag is fabulous, but I am in love with your top!

Name: Anna English

I absolutely LOVE the bold red against winter white!

Name: Ciera Chang

Ummm totally obsessed with this bag! Adding it to my wishlist!!


OK, first of all… I love the outfit. The sweater, the jeans, the bag!!! But I love that you gave thoughts on the durability of the white bag… because I would totally be terrified of a white bag!! You set my mind at ease, though! haha!

Name: roxy

That bag is a serious statement piece! I love the questions you ask yourself before a purchase, and like you Nordstrom is always one of the first places I check for the luxury bags I want.

Name: LuxMommy

Love that bag so much. The red sweater is perfection too!

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