February 22, 2018

Bumpdate – 16 Weeks

This dress from Pink Blush has been so comfortable for my growing bump! It’s stretchy and soft + I honestly wear it multiple times a week. Pink Blush has such cute maternity pieces, all so flattering and on-trend. This dress is under $40 and also comes in black. They also just launched the cutest swim line so be sure to check it out!

I’m back today with my 16 week Bumpdate! Can’t believe I’m to 16 weeks already. In some aspects, I feel like its going slow, but also like its going so fast. I think because this is my second pregnancy and I know what its like to grow a little one for 9 months, so I’m cherishing every single second with this sweet bump! I love being pregnant so much, so I’m soaking it all in. I’m so emotional every single day because growing a mini version of your husband and yourself is the most amazing gift.

Being a mom is definitely my greatest joy and I still feel so lucky and blessed that I get to do it all over again, to a sweet baby BOY this time! Some days when I sit and think about it, I get so excited all over again and swear my heart may explode. We are of course a little nervous about having 2 under 2, but know it will be so worth it to watch our babies grow up best friends and be so close in age!

We are starting to get things little by little for baby’s arrival in August, I’ve gotten so many questions these past few weeks about pregnancy, symptoms, items, etc, so I’ll be answering all that below…as well as sharing our favorite baby items so far!

Q: How far apart in age will your babies be?
A: Baby Blue #2 is due in August, Harper will almost be 22 months. So they’ll be a bit under 2 years apart!

Q: Do you have a name?
A: We do! As soon as we found out we were officially having a boy, we knew what we were going with. We will be sharing his full name in August when he arrives!

Q: Do you plan to get an epidural?
A: Yes, yes, and more yes. This is something that has always been in my birth plan and always will be! I know all mamas are different and some feel strongly one way or the other [which is fine!], but I know my pain tolerance [or lack thereof] and know that an epidural is the best option for me! I had one with Harper as well and it literally saved me.

Q: I know you had to have a C-section with Harper, will you again?
A: Some of you may remember, we had a bit of a traumatic birth with Harper. After hours of labor and pushing, it was determined that both Harper and I were in extreme distress, especially her. Within minutes, they had me wheeled into the operating room and performed an emergency C-section to get her out as quickly and safely as possible. When they had her out, she wasn’t crying or making any sounds because she was in such distress. She was immediately whisked away to the NICU and I wasn’t able to see her or hold her for 24 hours, which broke my heart.  I’ve discussed this a lot with my OB and she seems confident that everything that happened there were crazy, rare circumstances and has determined that I should be just fine to deliver this baby without a C-section and can have a VBAC [vaginal birth after cesarean]. So that is our plan!

Q: Do you plan to nurse this baby?
A: I do! Because of the circumstances around Harper’s birth and the fact that I developed a huge infection [had a baseball sized cyst between my uterus and bladder] right after birth, I spent about 2 weeks following her birth in the hospital. Being on strong antibiotics, I had to pump and dump. Even once I was released home, I was still on antibiotics for another month, making nursing not an option. At this point, Harper had been on formula for over a month and was perfect, so as a family we made the decision to continue with formula. That being said, I really am going to try to nurse this baby and I’m excited to see how it goes!

Q: How has this pregnancy been different from your first?
A: It has been night and day from my pregnancy with Harper! I have been so sick with this sweet boy, nausea and exhaustion. I was hoping that with the end of the first trimester, this would go away but that hasn’t totally been the case. I still have to nap nearly every single day [which this could have to do with being pregnant and chasing around a wild 16 month old, LOL!]. My cravings are also totally different this time! And I’m showing so much faster. At 16 weeks now, I look the same as I looked with Harper at about 25 weeks, haha. I showed so quickly this time, about 6 weeks I already had a bump.

HOW FAR ALONG: 16 weeks! Baby is the size of an avocado [4.6 inches and 3.5 ounces].

DUE DATE: August 9th.

SICKNESS: It’s still around. Not as bad as a few weeks ago, but the nausea still hits me and hits me hard. It totally knocks me on my butt. I’m grateful its subsided a little and hopefully in the next few weeks it will be gone!

CRAVINGS: With this baby, I’ve been so darn hungry. ALL DAY. Even despite my nausea! I have to eat, or I’m miserable. My biggest cravings are super cold, crunchy salads, super cold fruit, Frosted Flakes with Lucky Charms, hot dogs, kolaches, jalapeños, and extra toasty Cheeze-Its.

AVERSIONS: I’m still not loving most meat. Steak is an absolute no. Chicken has been okay and sometimes ground beef is okay, depending on the day. I haven’t been able to do veggies at all.

PHYSICAL CHANGES: The bump is out and about! I’ve transitioned into some maternity clothing…some jeans and dresses because they’re so comfy. This tummy is bigger each day and I love seeing it grow. Also, my chest has grown quite a bit. And still have allll the breakouts….face, chest, arms…not the best. But what can ya do. No stretch marks so far, I apply cream daily. More on that below.


  • DOCKATOT – one of our favorite products when we had Harper! We are so excited to use it again with this baby. It’s perfect for lounging and making sure your baby is safe when not in your arms. This is one of our top baby products for sure and it got so much use with Harper. For baby boy, we went with the marble print which is so fun! Also, they now have the added option of the toy arch + hanging toys for added entertainment for baby!
  • Copper Pearl – bibs and swaddles. The softest materials and I love the adorable bandana bibs! We loved these for Harper but it was fun to pick out new prints and colors for baby boy.
  • Aden and Anais bibs – always love the prints on these muslin bibs. So many great colors and patterns! Also love LOVE their swaddles!
  • Ingrid & Isabel – one of my very favorite maternity brands! I lived in their dresses during my pregnancy with Harper and this one will be no different! This is one of my favorite comfy dresses, comes in so many colors and works throughout your entire pregnancy.
  • The Ollie Swaddle – like I’ve said before, swaddles are the holy grail. We got this one in the gorgeous sky blue and its supposed to help with the transition from the womb and helps to reduce the Moro [startle] reflex in babies.
  • Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock – this is so neat! I had this with Harper as well and cannot begin to explain how many questions I would get on this anytime we were at the grocery or Target! It attaches to the cart and provides a hammock for your baby to safely lay in while you shop! So much better than the infant car seat that takes up 3/4th of the shopping cart!
  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – the best for preventing stretch marks! I used all throughout my first pregnancy and didn’t get a single stretch mark. As soon as I found out I was pregnant again, I started using it. I apply every morning and night after my showers.
  • Baby Breez Luxie – this material is so darn soft! We got the marble print and grey for baby boy and I can’t wait to put him in them! They have mitten + footie cuffs, which is great and they are made of the softest, breathable fabric.
  • Snoogle Pillow – the best invention ever. Being pregnant makes it really difficult to get comfortable in bed. I’m a back sleeper and a tummy sleeper and neither of those positions are okay while pregnant. This pillow makes it comfy to sleep on your side! I’m so obsessed with this. We have a trip next weekend and I’m seriously debating what I can leave at home so that I can have room to pack this in my suitcase!

Thank yall so much for following along! You guys are the best, xo!




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