April 19, 2018

Bumpdate – 24 Weeks

I can’t believe we are to 24 weeks! I know I say that literally every.single.week…but I’m so serious! Sometimes I think August will never get here, but for the most part, its flying by! Trying to soak up every second of carrying this sweet little boy.

Jumping right into the 24 week bumpdate below and also including things that I get a ton of questions on from yall 🙂

HOW FAR ALONG: 24 weeks! Baby is the size of a cantaloupe [11.8 inches and 1.3 pounds].

DUE DATE: August 9th.

SIZE: He’s measuring small right now, just under the 50 percentile. He still has some growing to do, so doctor isn’t worried!

WEIGHT GAIN: At just about 10 pounds so far.

NAME: We will be sharing once he arrives! I’ve been ordering monogrammed pieces for him and I want to cry every time I get mail and see his name or initials 🙂

SICKNESS: Yall I’m finally feeling better! I’m still nauseous occasionally, but its SO much better than it was. Like we’re talking night and day. My exhaustion even got better, but the past few days it hit me hard again. I’ll take being tired and exhausted over nausea any day though! I’m gone today through the weekend and praying I’m okay while at this conference. I just have to remind myself that I’m growing a human and have to take it easy 🙂

CRAVINGS: As I’ve said in every previous Bumpdate, I’m constantly hungry. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. Give me all the food. Total opposite of my pregnancy with Harper. Currently, my biggest craving is probably ice cream and cereal. Right now, we have 7 [yes SEVEN] different types of cereal in our panty. I think Philip is ready to kill me, haha. Also loving, super cold berries, oatmeal, crunchy salads, peanut butter, and pretzels.. I’ve really been trying to watch  my sweet intake, so I’ve cut back a lot, but I definitely crave sweets non-stop. Also, bowls. All my meals pretty much have to be in a bowl. I know that sounds bizarre and it’s so hard to explain. Every meal, Philip is like “WOW, another bowl…I’m shocked!”. So things like zuchini noodles with salmon in a bowl, salads, riced cauliflower with ground turkey in a bowl…I’m telling yall, it has to be in a bowl so I can mix it all together or it’s not happening.

AVERSIONS: I still have not much desire for meat. I love salmon and sometimes chicken, but other than that…still not loving most meat. Steak is an absolute no. Milk is a big aversion and so is shrimp right now. All vegetables too, pretty much.

SYMPTOMS: SO MUCH BACK PAIN. Sore boobs, tons of round ligament pain, trouble sleeping, peeing like crazy, and crazy hormones. I definitely feel all my symptoms so much faster this time around.

PHYSICAL CHANGES: My baby bump is massive! No other way to describe it haha. Especially compared to my bump with Harper. It’s so much bigger so much faster this time around. My chest has also grown. Breakouts are a little better, but still around. I’m assuming they will be with me throughout my whole pregnancy. No stretch marks at all. And I haven’t had any swelling yet.

MOST EXCITED ABOUT: Starting his nursery!  His furniture arrived yesterday and Philip is going to work on putting it together while I’m away these next few days!  Can’t wait to share it with yall.

EXERCISE: I workout every single day. This is super important to me, especially when I’m pregnant. I love to stay active and it makes me feel less guilty about giving into some of my food cravings every once in a while. I walk 2-3 miles each day, as well as do light exercises with my weights to work on arms. I also do some squats as well. I worked out my entire pregnancy with Harper [until the day I went into labor] and intend to do this same this time. I’ve been getting so many questions about workout/eating…so I will try to put together a dedicated post on that for yall.

BIRTH PLAN: I learned very quickly during my intense labor with Harper that things don’t always go according to plan. So for this baby, I won’t have a crazy in-depth birth plan. I do know I will want an epidural again, thats a given. The other part of the plan we have so far is we plan for me to have a VBAC [vaginal birth after cesarean]. Even though my labor with Harper resulted in an emergency C-section, my doctor thinks a VBAC will be a perfect option for me this time around. Even though I am very nervous about it, I’m also excited.


  • Moby Baby Wrap – I learned very quickly with Harper that a wrap was a must-have for new moms. She loved being held and close to me, so a wrap was a great option so I could have my hands-free! This one is so soft and I love the charcoal grey for baby boy.
  • Petunia Pickle Bottom – Yall have seen this brand on my Insta Stories a few times and know I’m a big fan. I always love the fun prints! I recently got this Pacifier Case which is great for being out and about and keeping the pacifier in one spot and clean. I also got this bottle case for my diaper bag which holds a bottle and keeps it insulated.
  • Lamaze Intimates – this brand of nursing and sleep bras is so incredibly comfy. Not to mention, super reasonably priced. In my photo above, I’m wearing one of them and I’ve been living in it. With my growing chest, it’s been most comfortable to sleep in a bra and these have been my go-tos. I will keep yall posted on how they are for nursing.
  • Luxury Labour – this is a new-to-me product and I was so excited when the company reached out to me! This company puts together a hospital bag for you and for baby, checking one more thing of your never-ending to-do list! This would make an amazing shower gift for any mama-to-be. The bag comes complete with a duffle bag, nightgown, robe, shower shoes, socks, toiletries, maternity pads, etc. Theres also an option for a baby bag as well which comes with a baby blanket, kimono, matching hat, diapers, etc. Seriously the best idea! I’ll be sharing more in-depth next week! Use code: MAMA2B for 10% off the whole site!
  • DOCKATOT – one of our favorite products when we had Harper! We are so excited to use it again with this baby. It’s perfect for lounging and making sure your baby is safe when not in your arms. This is one of our top baby products for sure and it got so much use with Harper. For baby boy, we went with the marble print which is so fun! Also, they now have the added option of the toy arch + hanging toys for added entertainment for baby!
  • Cosabella Nursing Bras – I do plan on nursing this baby, so I’m starting to stock up on nursing bras. This one is gorgeous and also comfortable. A win/win.
  • Copper Pearl – bibs and swaddles. The softest materials and I love the adorable bandana bibs! We loved these for Harper but it was fun to pick out new prints and colors for baby boy.
  • Aden and Anais bibs – always love the prints on these muslin bibs. So many great colors and patterns! Also love LOVE their swaddles!
  • Aden and Anais diapers – love the prints on these diapers! The brand sent over some for Harper and we are loving them, so I’m stocking up on some cute ones for baby too.
  • Ingrid & Isabel – one of my very favorite maternity brands! I lived in their dresses during my pregnancy with Harper and this one will be no different! This is one of my favorite comfy dresses, comes in so many colors and works throughout your entire pregnancy.
  • Denim Shorts – stocked up on some cute pairs for spring and summer! Just got these and these
  • The Ollie Swaddle – like I’ve said before, swaddles are the holy grail. We got this one in the gorgeous sky blue and its supposed to help with the transition from the womb and helps to reduce the Moro [startle] reflex in babies.
  • Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock – this is so neat! I had this with Harper as well and cannot begin to explain how many questions I would get on this anytime we were at the grocery or Target! It attaches to the cart and provides a hammock for your baby to safely lay in while you shop! So much better than the infant car seat that takes up 3/4th of the shopping cart!
  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – the best for preventing stretch marks! I used all throughout my first pregnancy and didn’t get a single stretch mark. As soon as I found out I was pregnant again, I started using it. I apply every morning and night after my showers.
  • Snoogle Pillow – the best invention ever. Being pregnant makes it really difficult to get comfortable in bed. I’m a back sleeper and a tummy sleeper and neither of those positions are okay while pregnant. This pillow makes it comfy to sleep on your side! I’m so obsessed with this. We have a trip next weekend and I’m seriously debating what I can leave at home so that I can have room to pack this in my suitcase!

Thank yall so much for following along! You guys are the best, xo!



Name: Brooke

I loved the Moby but it was so hot and I had my son at the end of May, so I ended up having to switch to the K’tan active for the summer! Now I am due in July and probably won’t be able to use the Moby this time around either! Have you looked into any double strollers yet? There are so many options! Let us know if you find a good one!

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