December 5, 2018

Marc Fisher Sneaker Booties

Happy Wednesday yall! This morning, we’re off to the cranial specialists to have Beckham measured for his DOC Band. I shared last week about this on instagram stories and yall were so supportive, can’t thank you enough. We take him today for measurements and we go back next Wednesday to pick up his helmet and officially start the process. Its stressful and I have anxiety about it, but I know its going to be great for him in the long run.

Okay, on to the fun stuff! These sneaker booties are SO fun and yall loved them when I posted them on stories around Black Friday! They had sold out pretty quickly and I can see why, they’re adorable. So different from your typical sneakers and so different from the booties we’re seeing this season. Not to mention, they’re extremely comfy. They’re available in 3 colors here but I have exciting news…

Later this morning, be sure to head to my Instagram because I’ve partnered with the Marc Fisher team to give away a pair of these Sana sneakers to one lucky follower! I’ll be posting the giveaway on my Instagram late morning/early afternoon, so stay tuned! It will be super easy to enter 🙂 Just a fun way to spread the holiday cheer and thank yall so much for following along!

Thanks for stopping by, babes! Have a great week 🙂




Perfect sweater <3

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