September 12, 2019

Walmart – Kids Favorites

Hi friends! Hope yall are having a great week! One question I’m asked most often is about all the kid’s toys you see in my Instagram stories every day! Since having two kids, our living room is basically now a designated play room (ha!) and we always find the best toys at Walmart! We always find the best new toys at such great prices. Often, we love to use toys as a reward — for example: when we were potty-training Harper, her reward was she got to pick out a new toy! She chose – neon play-doh and still plays with it daily! We have a little chart we use that has things like “says please”, “says thank you”, “brushes teeth”, “cleans up toys”…and if she completes all of those for the week, we go to Walmart on the weekend and let her choose a toy 🙂 It’s really fun and she looks forward to it!

Walmart has all the best toy brands and so many items that help with development and learning, which is especially important for Beckham at this age. He loves his llama stacking toy and even knows the order in which to place the rings! It’s one of his favorites.

Harper’s current favorite toy is her picnic basket which helped her to learn which shapes go in which spot and she’s able to follow the prompts! She takes this thing everywhere, it’s so cute!


You can shop all of Walmart’s newest toys here! Below are a few of our other favorite toys —

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