September 22, 2016

37 Week Bumpdate


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Hi babes! I can’t believe I’m writing this post and we are 37 weeks! My heart feels SO full and cannot believe she will be here in just 3 weeks [or less!]. Philip and I still have those “pinch-me” moments from time to time…like “is this really happening?! Cannot believe we get to be your parents!” We feel so lucky and can’t wait to meet this little babe!

How far along: 37 weeks!

Name: I mentioned this in the previous update posts, but for any new readers…we have had this picked out for the longest time, we are just waiting to share until she’s here ?

What are we most excited about next: Mostly, I’m just enjoying these last few weeks with her in my belly! There’s nothing I love more than feeling her move. Little miss is an active one, she’s constantly on the move. “Nesting mode” is the real deal and I’ve been constantly trying to make sure we have everything ready for her arrival! Hospital bags packed, diaper bag packed, car seat ready, etc.

What are we least excited about: How uncomfortable I am! It’s gotten pretty bad, especially at night. More on that below. And labor…I’m totally excited about delivering her, just getting so so nervous about the actually delivery. Praying everything goes smoothly.

What I miss: Sleeping and laying on my tummy! I never knew how much I did it, but I’m definitely missing it! Also missing my wine nights and sushi. Also, being able to do even the littlest things without becoming out of breath. I swear, I can be sitting on the couch not moving, and I sound like I just ran a 10k.

Movement: All the time! It’s now noticeable to other people…I’ll be talking to someone and they will see my tummy move. Philip feels her move all the time, which is such a special thing. And she still gets hiccups all the time, especially in the middle of the night, which is strange. She moves around a ton especially after I eat cold fruit, spicy things, and ice cream.

Belly button: It’s officially an outie! You can even see it in some of my outfit posts, definitely noticeable 😉

Size: Baby Blue is as big as romaine lettuce! My app says around 6.17 pounds and 18.9 inches, but our babe is still measuring a bit small…she’s still under 6 pounds. But the doctor says that’s okay, she’s just a little on the tiny side! I definitely feel like I’m running out of room in there.

How I’m feeling: 

  • To be completely honest…the third trimester has been a doozie. I’ve definitely feeling the exhaustion and it’s getting harder to do more things. I have a lack of energy and a TON of lower back and joint pain. Philip surprised me with another prenatal massage the other day and they help SO much with the back pain. It’s great to feel relief, even if just temporary.
  • Like I mentioned above, I get out of breath SO easily, baby girl is definitely squishing my lungs.
  • I’ve been napping a ton again [like in the first trimester].
  • I have to pee every 30 minutes. I wish I was exaggerating! I’m constantly running to the bathroom. At night it’s terrible…luckily Philip sleeps through most of it, but I’m up about 8-10 times a night.

Sickness: Not much! Occasional nausea, but so much better than it was. Not a whole lot is appealing to me, so I eat pretty much the same things every day.


  • I’m honestly not craving a WHOLE lot the past 2 weeks or so. My tummy is so full and everything in there feels so snug and squished, so it’s very hard for me to eat. I eat something even small and I feel immediately full and uncomfortable. But I know I have to eat for the baby, so I’m trying my hardest.
  • One of my major cravings is still super cold fruit, especially strawberries, peaches, grapes, and apples [with peanut butter].
  • FROZEN m&ms and candy corn. Lots of sweets.
  • I’m still eating peanut butter every single day, which is actually good for me because it’s helping with my protein intake, which I’ve been lacking.
  • I’m still eating jalapenos and putting hot sauce on absolutely everything. Which I need to watch, because I’ve started getting heart burn and that shiz is NO JOKE.
  • I’m still eating Salata several times a week.


  • If you’ve read my last update posts, I’m sounding like a broken record with this one…I can’t do meat. Steaks, beef, hamburger, etc are for sure out of the question. Chicken is really hard for me to eat, that’s gotten worse. Though, I actually had chicken parmesan the other night and it was GREAT. Fish is back to being on the “NO” list.
  • I still have issues with veggies, but I’m trying.
  • Fried foods [which is the worst because I used to love chicken fingers, fries, mozz sticks, you name it!]. I haven’t had fast food in MONTHS. Chick-fil-a, I miss ya.

Weight gain: I’ve actually lost a little in the third trimester due to the fact I’m having trouble eating, like I mentioned above. So right now, I’m at about 21 pounds so far.

Physical changes: 

  • My bump has gotten huge! I know so many people see my photos and say how I don’t have a big bump or they can barely tell I’m pregnant, but for me…it’s definitely big. Everyone’s body is different, so we should all embrace that 🙂 It’s truly incredible what a woman’s body is capable of while growing a tiny human!
  • My ankles have been swollen on and off for the past few weeks. Luckily, the only swelling I’m getting is my feet…my face and fingers are still okay.
  • I’m still having breakouts unfortunately, especially when she has a big growth spurt I’ve noticed.
  • Along with my bump, my booty and boobs have gotten considerably bigger too…I’m wearing all new sizes.
  • It’s definitely getting hard to bend over because of my bigger bump. Philip has to help me with certain shoes, getting them on and off! He also has to help me out of bed and the recliner, because it’s so difficult to bend to get up.

Workout: I’ve still been continuing to work out every day! I’m walking a mile and a half each day, plus some arm exercises with light weights. I plan to still keep up with this as long as my body allows. I like to be as active as I can [even pre-pregnancy] to help with weight gain, so each day I make sure I’m doing something active. I think it makes me feel alot better, too.

Nursery:  All done! Besides our rugs, which are on back order, but should be here soon! Once she’s here, we will be doing a nursery reveal! I love this room more than anywhere in the house. Sometimes I just sit in there and can’t believe it.

Items: Here’s a few things we’ve gotten and ones we have on the way —

  • This stroller! We love it. So smooth and easy to maneuver and put together/take apart, which was important for us.
  • This carseat which is nice and light-weight.
  • This diaper bag which I thought would go with everything 😉
  • This book – I have heard it’s a lifesaver in establishing a great sleeping pattern for baby and parents. Will keep you updated!
  • Lots of these bows – they come in so many colors/patterns and are perfectly stretchy.
  • These shoes – will be perfect for the holidays!
  • These Bellybuds — I just love this product! It’s headphones that you put on your tummy and your little one can listen to music or any recorded messages! Philip has recorded messages and I play them for her so she can hear his voice, since they start cognitively listening at 20 weeks [and they say this helps for them to recognize voices and sounds once they are born!]. It’s the sweetest thing ? Also, there is an app where you can download albums…my favorite are current pop songs that are done in a classical twist, so pretty and she moves around like crazy when I play this for her!
  • This mamaRoo — We have heard amazing things about this little gem! It’s movements basically mimic all the movements a mom makes while holding/rocking the baby! It has different movements and accompanying sounds as well. Can’t wait to see how Baby Blue likes this.
  • These little moccasins…I die! She now has these in 6 colors/patterns and they couldn’t be cuter.
  • This wrap by Solly Baby — I have heard SUCH good things about this one! I’m so excited to put it to use once she’s here.
  • This monitor — it’s a little sock you slip on your baby’s foot and it monitors the vitals while they sleep! As paranoid as I already am, I know this will create the peace of mind I need. Stay tuned for a coupon code coming soon ?
  • Just loving this brand — Aden + Anais. We’ve gotten some swaddlesblankets, and bibs. Amazing quality and such pretty prints!
  • This pillow – I was having so much trouble sleeping and getting comfortable and this pillow has been great. You can use it so many different ways and its made my nights so much more comfy.
  • This cream – I’ve been using this to prevent and diminish stretch marks. I put it on after I get out of the shower and its been great, no stretch marks so far!

Thank yall SO much for following along on this journey! I appreciate all your love and sweet words, more than you know.



Name: Ashley

It’s getting so close girl!! I’m so impressed you’re walking over a mile each day. That’s awesome! Hope the eating gets a little better for you 🙂


These are so fun to read, can’t believe your little girl is going to be here so soon!!!

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Name: Heather

Did you test out other strollers before you decided on the uppa? Stroller shopping now and I am between that and the bugaboo. Going to the store to test in a few weeks. Like how the uppa will transition with the add on of another child.

Name: Rosie


Life is just Rosie

Name: Kelly

You are absolutely glowing and I can not wait to meet her!

xx Kelly
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Name: Regine Karpel

God Bless.

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